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How Did The Monsters Conquer The World? Questions We Want Answers To In The Sequel

The monsters are certainly seen to be very fearsome and deadly creatures within the film. apart from their impressive hearing abilities, they’re fast, they need long scythe-like arms and that they have armored skin. However, it’s still a touch hard to believe that blind monsters were ready to take over the planet.
As deadly as they’re, the very fact that they’re blind may be a major disadvantage. How did they manage to navigate the planet without sight? Do they need more capabilities or technology we’re not yet aware of?

How Many Survivors Are Left?
Aside from the doomed old man and his wife, the Abbotts are the sole survivors we see during this world. However, we all know that there are others as Lee communicated with fellow survivors living nearby.

Though they appear to share some sense of community, nobody came to assist when the Abbotts were under fire. If there are a couple of survivors during this small area, could there be even more across the country and therefore the world? With new cast members like Djimon Honsou and Cillian Murphy joining the sequel, we’re bound to get a way of the larger world.

How Will They Use The Monsters’ Weakness?
During the climax of the film, Regan Abbott discovers that her hearing aid can omit a frequency that incapacitates the monsters and leaves them susceptible to kill. With this new discovery, the film ends with Emily Blunt going full badass, able to remove the remaining monsters within the area.

This is certainly a big discovery which will got to be explored within the sequel. How will the Abbotts use this information going forward? Will they struggle to weaponize the frequency? Will they struggle to spread the word about it to other survivors?

Where Will The Abbotts Go Now?
Though the invention of the monsters’ weakness may be a triumphant moment for the Abbotts, the ending is extremely bittersweet for them. Though they need this new protection, their home has been damaged quite bit and Lee has been killed.
Given that they can not make repairs without making noise, it seems likely the family will need to advance. But where will they go? Will they seek help from a number of those neighbors? Or will they struggle to require their new discovery to whatever resistance force still exists?

What Will they are doing With The Baby?
One of the foremost memorable and terrifying sequences within the first film was Evelyn parturition. Seeing her pregnant throughout the film, it had been clear that the baby was a time bomb that was getting to make things very difficult for the family.

Though Evelyn managed to endure the painful delivery without being attacked, what is going to she do with a neonate during this world? Babies cry tons. She can’t teach him to close up for variety of years so this baby may be a very big vulnerability for the whole family.

Are The Monsters Still A Threat?
The end of the primary film hints that the humans are now able to fight back against the monsters who have appropriated their world. This sets up a potentially epic battle within the sequel. But with the frequency now discovered as a weapon against them, are the monsters even a threat anymore?

This looks like a reasonably big weakness and one that we’re surprised hadn’t been discovered before. it might seem pretty easy for the humanity to wipe out the monsters with this new weapon. Will the monsters find how to fight back against the new weapon, or will there be a replacement monstrous threat?


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