What You Wanna Know About Watch Stranger Things Season 2

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The series has made instant stars of its creators Matt and Ross Duffer. But eight episodes published in binge format can go and lovers are clamoring for another season. Here is what we know about Stranger Things Season 2. For a series centered around a group of children, the first season of Stranger Things was plenty dark, but it seems like the Duffer Brothers would like to go even darker.

“We want it to feel slightly different, maybe just a little bit darker, but still have the feeling of fun,” Matt said at the Television Critics Association. “Will was residing in this upside down another measurement for about a week. The repercussions of that cannot be good. Along with the inter-dimensional rift — we left it — is still very much open.” The following season will be jumping ahead in time, but it is not due to the narrative the Duffer Brothers wish to tell — it is because the children in the cast are growing up quickly. Comparing it to the Harry Potter movie series, Matt told IGN, “You’ve got to jump annually. It has dropped.” But Ross clarified that it is a situation that arouses them. He explained, “It opens up far more storytelling possibilities.”

The first season was created that it would turn into Netflix series and a summertime phenomenon reach as many as 13 episodes. However, the Duffer Brothers recently confirmed at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles another season would follow the identical arrangement of eight episodes. With the success of season one, you can not blame them. Sure, it may seem obvious, however, the Upside Down might have also stayed a mysterious item that’s at the center of the series, but never really explained in depth. Ross confirmed that won’t be true. He told The Beast: So don’t expect the Upside Down to be something that’s maintained a mystery forever, but also do not expect answers to come at once. “We might have a scientist sit down and explain everything, but that isn’t too much fun,” Ross said.

If you are concerned that learning more about the Upside Down could be an issue, rest assured that the Duffer Brothers have thought long and hard about how it all works. However, he added if the Upside Down becomes transparent, explaining that he knows the problems: So rest assured that if they would like to research the Upside Down more from another season, they are aware that there is a fine line of the way to do it. “So we would like to explain, we would like to show more of it, we need characters and the audience to know more about it, but you are never going to understand everything,” Matt explained.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, celebrity David Harbour — that plays Chief Jim Hopper — revealed an interesting tidbit about that last scene in the woods and his character’s role moving forward. “Whatever’s happening with the laboratory, Hopper’s involved a bit more deeply than we realize,” he said. “And part of this may be that he’s some type of understanding of the upside down world that other people don’t have.” Talking to the chance Eleven is still living, ” he explained, “He may understand that Eleven exists in some form. And so he has this box outside in the woods where he gives her food.”

Some of the new cast members for Season 2 of Stranger Things have been shown. Danish celebrity Linnea Berthelsen will play Roman “a mentally damaged, magnetic young woman who endured a great loss for a kid. Although she does not reside in Hawkins, she’s strangely linked to the supernatural events in the laboratory…”

Watch Stranger Things Season 2 will premiere on Oct. 31, 2017.

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