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Everything in the five from Season 8 of The Walking Dead, which debuted in Comic-Con and online Friday, appeared to be exactly what fans of the series would anticipate following the Season 7 finale guaranteed a war involving villainous Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as well as our heroes. The trailer included plenty of zombie kills, menacing Negan speeches, motivational Rick (Andrew Lincoln) addresses and a rock score. Everything seemed business as usual from the trailer until the last 20 minutes or so.We see that a bright room with fresh flowers, that looks like it may be a hospital room and a cane. The camera pans over a bed, and we notice Rick Grimes, but not. It is a Rick, complete with a beard, gray hair, and wrinkles. Are the series and a time jump flirting? Is it a dream the entire time? Or are they just showing what might have been messing with us? See the trailer below, including some language. Oh, look, one of those most-watched scripted television shows of the past couple of years was renewed.

The Walking Dead Season 8 will happen on AMC, which is sort of like telling the sun will begin in the east tomorrow morning. Jeffrey Morgan, who has had the challenging job of bringing the notorious villain from the comics to our TV screens, supported his return, stating, “I understand I will be on board for Season 8″This news should not come at all for those people who were keeping up with the comics, where Negan is more than issues and alive after his appearance of Robert Kirkman. Then there is still lots of ground to cover about Negan if showrunner Scott Gimple’s plan is to keep being faithful to the books. This should come as no surprise, as their functions seemed to rise throughout season 7. It will be great to see the grinning henchman of Negan more of Simon, the leader of the garbage people, and Jadis. The first is a character called Dillon, who’s described by TV Line as “a hot, blue-collar twentysomething whose survival skills include sarcasm.” Another is a Muslim American who spends a whole lot of time alone, Abbud. TV Line states Abbud’s “nerves are jangled.” The socket also shows that Dillon could be around for some time, depending on the call, which signals that the character might have picked up for seasons. We will keep you updated as we learn more, although no details on who has been cast in the roles. Gimple appears to be responding to the criticism that season 7 was an affair, where the characters remained in different places for way too long.¬†watch the walking dead season 7

Gimple stated this to Entertainment Weekly…”By virtue of the fact that the storyline has become one of pretty extreme battle, it is going to affect the structure in ways which make it a little more kinetic, somewhat more breakneck — changing away from whole stories in 1 episode, and kind of fractured over many episodes, with small pieces of every story coming together”He also promised that “things will move, and not have the type of deep dives into characters in single episodes, but instead laying out the bits as we go on.” And if you are Mr. Gimple, reading, could we please have some tiger actions? Weekly mailings for characters we do not like? That would be fine.Comicbook.com reports that Walking Dead veteran Greg Nicotero will return to direct the season 8 premiere, which will be the 100th episode of the series. This should come as no surprise to fans of the series. Nicotero has led 20 episodes of the series, including the last premieres, midseason finales, midseason premieres, and season finales. He’s the man for the episodes, and that continues for as long as Nicotero is involved with the series. The Walking Dead Season 8 PicturesEW has dropped the first photograph from The Walking Dead season 8. The picture features Carol and Daryl with a bit of a reunion. Not to decode from the picture.

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