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Seeing her husband perish in her arms, the subdued Pete's execution, which Rick obliged without reluctance was ordered by Deanna.
Things It Changed: Since Rick reached Alexandria, there is been a tenuous relationship between what they deemed was too much and what he saw as essential. This illuminated what type of a leader Deanna was going to be and set a brand new standard for justice locally. Not to be forgotten amidst this final minute of the season was the growth that is significant that Alexandria had simply lost its physician. We have now seen Denise effort to this fill this emptiness in recent episodes, but it is clear that everyone was affected by Pete's departure in more ways than one. Karen was stabbed along with David, as well as their bodies were brought outside where they were set on fire while showing symptoms of cryptic influenza. The killer's identity was a puzzle before Carol confessed to doing it in a vain effort to prevent the disease from spreading.

Things It Changed: No disrespect to David, however, he was promptly forgotten about. If Ed and Sophia's departures had triggered something within Carol, David's departure and subsequently Karen was the area where we actually saw it unleashed for the very first time. This was a reincarnation for Ed, where she was a weak victim of maltreatment, but rather someone with the actual bureau. Ed was now effective at making the choices that are hard with an unwavering certainty that frightened Rick. Lizzie killed Tyreese, terrifying Carol and her little sister that she'd do the same to Judith. Things It Changed: Carol keeps becoming emphasized due to her enormous change because of this while plenty of departures have independently affected characters on the show. But with Lizzie's departure, Carol did. Assembling off of the dimmer side to Lizzie's character if there clearly was any touch of the old Carol, we saw with Karen left, it expired when she executed Lizzie.

After getting Rick in the woods with the intention of killing him, Rick gave up his firearm simply stab Shane in the heart and to draw him in.
Things It Changed: Shane was becoming dangerous for some time now. He'd certainly revealed that his own survival trumped morality and the will of the group, losing Rick's trust in the method and becoming the first important individual antagonist of the show. In killing such a leading character, coupled with Dale's passing in the episode prior, itself solidified as one where no one was safe. And while Shane's villainy was cemented by this episode, it did not just paint the epic image of Rick. While Rick was prompted in this particular case, it appeared that Rick might have simply killed him anyways enjoy he'd do to Gareth Tomas and others. His death, resurrection, and firing the hands of Carl was what cause the herd of walkers driving them away and assaulting the farm.

Lori began going into labour, as the penitentiary became overrun with walkers. Maggie was made to do an emergency c-section on Lori, which saved the infant but killed her in the method. Things It Changed: Considering Rick is the show's primary character, having his wife die is about the greatest thing which could occur to him. This was the final straw, although rick was succumbing to the darkness within him. With his sanity, he kept an element of darkness which was never formerly there, although rick lost his head, recovered it. Astonishingly, instead of going to Rick degrees of despair and darkness, this causes him to actually step up, presuming more of an adult function. This departure was the greatest thing that shaped two of the show' characters that are most notable. Now, it feels like Rick and Carl wouldn't have been this black and case-hardened was Lori about. For more The Walking Dead Season 6, visit

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